Get paid to Tweet? Whaaaat? Read on!

Three Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Area of Study: CEE-  Earning income; Jumpstart- Employment and income


Jordon is back with three smart—and simple—ways to make money online. No more excuses. Try these out and let us know how you do.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money from CentSai on Vimeo.


Key Words

  • cash
  • services
  • skills
  • business
  • social
  • interaction
  • work
  • tweet
  • gig
  • mystery shopping
  • websites
  • spend



  1. Jordon suggested that you can make money in what ways?
  2. After watching the video, which of the options most interests you?
  3. How will you find out more about these suggestions?
  4. What are other ways to make money online that Jordon did not suggest?
  5. Why is it a good thing to learn new skills?
  6. Are there any businesses out there that would benefit from your knowledge or skills?
  7. Why do businesses use mystery shoppers?
  8. Why would a business want you to tweet something about it, and what benefits would a company get from this?
  9. Use at least 10 of the key words listed below the video to write a paragraph starting with “Jordon wanted to earn money and.”


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