Sticker shock from buying an amusement park day pass doesn’t have to feel like you’re on a roller coaster.

How To Save Money On Amusement Park Tickets

Who doesn’t love an amusement park?  But the admissions price tag can be as bitter as a box of Sour Patches.

Here, Eva Baker, of gives some tips on h0w to save money on theme park admissions.  In addition to the recommendations she makes—it’s always a good idea to go online to see if the park is offering a special or an online discount, or even check out the local circulars.  Sounds old fashion, but it works!

Also, students are often eligible to save by showing their student ID card. Don’t forget group savings if traveling with a posse of friends!  Remember that the food can be crazy expensive.  Eva has some smart tips on how to save.

Bottom line: Be a smart consumer and know that the actual price can often be reduced.  This applies to more than just amusement park, btw. 🙂

Ways To Save At An Amusement Park from CentSai on Vimeo.

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