The Financial Educator's Guide to CentSai Adulting

The Financial Educator’s Guide to CentSai Adulting

Hello, Educator, Welcome to Centsai Adulting!

We are an organization that is here to teach financial literacy through stories. Our focus is to provide you with resources that save you time, lighten your workload, and reduce your planning with the view of supporting your teaching with complementary and value added resources for your students. At CentSai Adulting, we aspire to use our unique storytelling style to add a spark to conversations about financial wellness, responsible money management, and wealth building.


Our Resources

We offer a wide array of free resources that are designed for easy implementation in the classroom. These resources, which are aligned with both Jump$tart and the Council of Economic Education (CEE), include:


Our curriculum can be used as a stand-alone resource or integrated into your current teaching resources. Check out Financial Avenue and the Curriculum Packages under “Curriculum” on our home page.


Case Studies and Articles
Our case studies and articles — which are based on relevant, real-life issues and examples and follow the National Personal Finance Standards of the CEE — facilitate engagement in the classroom. Easily utilized questions and activities are included. New content is posted on a weekly basis, so keep checking back with us.


Our interactive quizzes test students’ money smarts in a fun-filled way. They also incorporate key concepts from Jump$tart and CEE standards as well as pop-culture references to keep students engaged.


Our flagship educational game, Cash Crunch 101, focuses on money-management skills, decision making, the value of money, cash flow, budgeting, and many more of the National Personal Finance Standards of the CEE and National JumpStart. The game can be accessed directly from our home page with the click of a button.


If you need engaging icebreakers for a financial topic, our videos have you covered. They are short and sweet. Plus, they feature teens who are just like your students.


Educator of the Month
Each month we spotlight an educator who consistently demonstrates excellence and goes the extra mile to help his or her students understand financial wellness. If you know of a teacher you would like us to feature, submit an entry using the “Nominate an Amazing Educator!” form.

We value you and want to make your life at school easier by doing some of the work for you. By allowing us to reinvent the wheel for you, we believe we can reduce your planning and resource-creating time and overall workload.

If you see the value in that, simply sign up on our site and you’ll receive updates and new resources delivered to your inbox weekly. And if you ever want to reach out to us with a question, a comment, or anything else, drop us a line via [email protected]

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