The Financial Educator's Guide to CentSai Adulting

The Financial Educator’s Guide to CentSai Adulting

Hello Educator!


We’re so glad to welcome you to our platform. To help you make the most of your time here, we’ve designed this guide so you can better understand who we are and learn about all of the cool tools we have to offer you. (Oh yeah, did we mention that it’s free?) So sit back, relax, and enjoy this quick guide. And by all means, feel free to stay awhile.


Who We Are

Arindam Nag and Doria Lavagnino founded CentSai Adulting in April 2016. We are a unique, classroom-friendly digital platform for teens and young adults to discover and discuss all things money.


Our Mission

Here at CentSai Adulting, we aspire to use our unique storytelling style to add a spark to conversations about financial wellness, responsible money management, and wealth-building.


Our Resources

We offer a wide array of free resources that are designed to for easy implementation in the classroom. These resources, which are aligned with both Jump$tart and CEE standards, include:


  • Action-Oriented Content
  • Real Money Stories
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Curriculum Packages


Action-Oriented Content

Our action-oriented content provides useful tips and resources, including checklists, to help students take the first or next step on their journey to financial wellness. It also helps reinforce key concepts from Jump$tart and CEE standards introduced in the classroom.


Real Money Stories

Our real money stories demonstrate how the right money mindset can help teens and young adults reach — and even surpass — their goals. They are based on scenarios that your students can relate to and can assist you to teach valuable money and life lessons.



Our interactive quizzes test students’ “money-smarts” in a fun-filled way. They also incorporate key concepts from Jump$tart and CEE standards and pop-culture references to keep students engaged.



Our flagship educational game, Cash Crunch, teaches students how smart money habits and responsible financial management can increase their net worth. It can be accessed directly from our site at the click of a button.



If you need an engaging icebreaker for a financial topic, then our videos have you covered. They are short and sweet. Plus, they feature teens who are just like your students.


Case Studies

Our case studies facilitate engagement in the classroom to help students apply the “money smarts” they’ve acquired in real-world scenarios. Case studies are also designed to boost your students’ analytical and problem-solving skills with regards to financial decision-making.


Curriculum Packages

We offer two types of curricula on our digital platform:


Financial Avenue

This interactive online program features 10 courses to help students gain a lifelong knowledge of the basics of personal money management.


Curriculum Packages

Our curriculum packages are toolboxes full of resources on pertinent financial topics or lessons covered in the Jump$tart and CEE standards. Each curriculum package contains stories, quizzes, and additional resources to help solidify the lessons.


Educator of the Month

Each month, we spotlight an educator who consistently demonstrates excellence and goes the extra mile to help their students understand financial wellness. If you’d like to nominate a teacher, submit an entry using this form.


Want to Be the First to Know About Brand-Spanking-New Resources?

We’ve got you covered. Simply sign up on our site and you’ll receive updates and new resources delivered to your inbox weekly. And if you ever want to reach out to us with a question, comment, or anything else, drop us a line via [email protected]



The CentSai Adulting Team


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