Adult With This Curriculum

What Happens With Student Loan Debt
A lesson in understanding early debt payoff

In this package, students will learn the pros and cons of paying student debt off early. We’ve selected three stories that drive home the main lesson behind this concept, a quiz to test your students ability to understand the concepts discussed, and resources to support your students needs.

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Winter Break Vacay
Planning a frugal getaway

Just because a student is in their senior year or early years of college doesn’t mean they can’t begin to understand how to affordably and comfortably plan a winter vacay break of their dreams. In this package students will learn key concepts behind frugality and how to manage a savings plan maturely.

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Beefing Up Your Resume
Creating job opportunities for teens

Having a job is super important! Well, at least being able to get a job is super important. In this package students will learn how to build a KILLER resume while in high school and limited job experience. Additionally, we’ve provided a story from a teen who started her own blogging business!

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